Master Craft Story - Pak Ratno

April 9, 2017
Master Craft Story - Pak Ratno image

Pak Ratno

Sometimes, the universe made you lost in the middle of nowhere to guide you in find something incredible. It happen to our team, when whe ride to southern part of Banjarnegara. It was in the middle of pine forest, and we followed the only pathway.

Suddenly, we saw Pak Ratno. He just wrapped up pack of wood. He said that he plant his own wood, in traditional way. I think we can say that Pak Ratno plant it organic and sustainable way. We tought he was a lumberjack. But when we come to his house, we just suprised that he own a workshop that make beautiful furniture.

Making process

THis was the point when we start to collaborate. We started to create modern minimalist, industrial style, or olschool furniture made from teak wood, or other locally harvested wood.

He loves coffee and have enthusiasm to talk with millenials. Updating hot issues and find new furniture design.

#Funfact : Eventough Pak Ratno live in remote area, he always update his directory from IKEA