Master Craft Story - Awaludin

June 4, 2017
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Awaludin, nicknamed Didin, loves to do carpentry since his childhood. He grew up with carpenter blood, coming from his Grandfather and Father. He started to make things in age 3 with cardboard.

Spending years in Engineering college and hold Civil Engineering degree doesn't mean he forgot his childhood dream: "Build makerspace". After finish his engineering career, he start attend "Youtube Course" and did trial and error product making.

Product Making

In 2014, after living in remote area, Didin move back to his homtown to start his own "Woodworking workshop". He obsessed to create more value from waste and make living from that.

He able to do carpentry, sewing, product design, and paper art. His design can be found in . Didin also interested to explore new ideas, especially in utilizing waste.


Now, he spent his day on continue the "Youtube Course" and try to reachout more collaboration partner to "Make Craftmanship Cool Again".