Changemaker Story : Arigami

August 2, 2017
<p><img src=";oe=5A544A51" width="500" height="333" alt="Arigami" title="Changmaker in Village" /></p> <p>"I am the founder of Indonesia Creative House and has been training villagers on transforming wastes. I first started producing waste products when I saw my living surrounding in Yogyakarta was suffering from severe pollution.</p> <p>During my 25 years of experience in creating products with waste, I am always satisfied when I could prove to the community my ability in turning trash into something useful and valuable. Take this picture as an example, if you sell 15 plastic bottles, you will only earn IDR3000, but I just used 1 plastic bottle for this picture and sold it for IDR100,000!"</p> <p>-<br />Want to visit more Arianto's products? Visit our website at</p>