Changemaker Story : Pak Senang

September 10, 2017
Changemaker Story : Pak Senang image

Pak Senang and Team

This is Pak Senang. He is one of the very first Ebony artisan in Poso, Central Sulawesi where once become the center of ebony wood (dark indigeneous hardwood) in Sulawesi.

He rebuild his business again after conflict in Poso regency. He said, economic independency is the key to maintain peace and reducing economic gap that probably leads to another conflict.
With his team, he promote traditional ebony design, mostly for signage and name board throughout Central Sulawesi. His clients dominated by Police, Army, or Executive that needs name board displayed on their desk.

He also tries to make his business support for sustainable development, since Ebony already become rare. He plan to build ebony nursery and plant new tree. He also minimize waste from the resource he used by creating small keychain from scrapwood, and utilize sawdust for glue.