IDR 200,000.00
KuBot 1000000 50

Designed by David Weeks, Kubot is a toy robot made from local wood waste. Elastic-band muscles connect limbs to the core body so Kubot stay in whatever pose you wish. You can also enjoy much fun when trying to fold Kubot into a cube.

KuBot is not only an ordinary toy. By playing with Kubot, you can practice concentration, problem solving and stimulate your imagination. 

Product Details :

  • KuBot is made from Jati wood waste (Tectona grandis L.f.) in their original colors (light brown).

  • Wood oil/wax finishing.

  • Jati wood packaging.

  • KuBot’s height is 18 cm and 6 cm when folded into a cube.

  • Note: not for children under 3.